Putting Your Vacuum Cleaner Away

For me, vacuum cleaners always look a little strange and quite ugly. The idea of where to keep it, especially if you have a smaller home, can be a problem. Initially my response to this dilemma was to just shove it into whichever cupboard it would fit into. That was fine for a while until one day disaster struck – think bowling ball on top of hose – and I had to go look for a replacement hose. Needless to say, lesson learned.

My advice is to have a dedicated zone where you are able to store the machine and the accessories that go with it. The cleaner should have some form of protection from things that could possibly damage it – in the end, I got creative. I bought a rickety old cupboard from a thrift store for next to nothing. I gutted the inside and used this wood to shore up the sides.

It fits into my hall closet perfectly and my cleaner fits into it snugly – hose and all. Now it doesn’t matter if a bowling bag is unceremoniously dumped into the cupboard – the machine is protected. A great bonus is that the cupboard’s top doubles as an extra piece of storage space as well. It has actually helped tidy the hall closer at the same time – great for spending a few dollars.

I do believe in looking after my things – especially after the bowling ball incident so I never just put the cleaner in the closet. I make sure that the cord is properly wound and out of the way – a frayed cord can be very dangerous – I wind the cord around the body of the machine to keep it straight.

I also empty the dirt every time I clean – it does not take that long and keeps my machine working in tip top shape. A quick wipe down with an old, slightly moist cloth completes my cleaning routine. (I do ensure that everything is dry before it gets put away.)

Another thing that I do, because it makes storage easier, is to take the wand and cleaning attachment off – I find this is also useful to prevent it getting stuck together and immovable over time. I always just have a quick look to see if there are any tangles or blockages as well – I want my machine to last me this time.